Simcoe Skies Astronomy

C12 - NGC 6946 - The Fireworks Galaxy in Cygnus

Location: Cygnus (the Swan)
Magnitude: 8.9

C12 Date: Sept 12/09
Exposures: 89
Exposure length: 60 seconds
Camera: Meade DSI-2C
Guided in RA
Gain: 63
Offset: 0

Notes: Better image than 5 years ago...

C12 Reprocessed Same data as below, reprocessed Aug 2005, noise reduction with NeatImage, contrast/brightness adjustment with Photoshop (now that's better!)

C12 Date: Sept 18/04
Exposures: 28 best of 40
Exposure length: 15 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Brightness: 100
Gain: 50

Notes: Apparently I was suffering from poor polar alignment, as star trails are quite evident in this 15-second exposure. Also, the image seems a little out of focus. A longer, better-focused exposure (with better alignment) would likely provide more intricate detail of this galaxy. Dark frame subtraction wasn't quite optimized either - note amp glow at top left. Still, it's an intriguing target!

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