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C23 (Caldwell 23) - NGC 891

For more information on NGC 891 from Wikipedia, click here

C23 - NGC 891

This is a spectacular edge-on galaxy, about 27 Million light years away. It's barely detectable in the eyepiece from my back deck.

Magnitude: 10.8
Location: Andromeda
Size: 13.5'x2.5'
Date: September 7, 2008
Camera: DSI Pro Exposures: 60
Exposure length: 30 seconds
Gain: 32; Offset: 0
Filter: none
Processing notes: captured, aligned & stacked in K3CCDtools, histogram stretching, noise reduction and contrast adjustment in Photoshop.

Notes: A guided long exposure with a skyglow filter would undoubtedly bring out more detail. Still, dark dust lanes showed up nicely and overall contrast is good.

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