Simcoe Skies Astronomy

M102 - NGC 5866

Location: Draco
Magnitude: 9.9

Date: Sept 19/09
Exposures: 58
Exposure length: 120 seconds guided in RA/DEC
Camera: Meade DSI-2C
Gain: 63
Offset: 0
Filters: None

Notes: 2 minute, guided exposures and a 16-bit camera makes a huge difference.

M102 Date: Oct 10/04
Exposures: 74
Exposure length: 20 seconds
Amp on setting: ON (? dumb error on my part)
Brightness: 100
Gain: 35

Notes: Once again, alignment error is showing up. A longer exposure (with accurate, steady polar alignment) would likely yield a better result.

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