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M13 - The Hercules Cluster

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M13 with DSI-2C

M13 - August 31/09

First image of M13 with the Meade DSI-2C camera. Moon was 93% full, but this image doesn't suffer. Compare to the image at the bottom of this page, taken 5 years ago when my astroimaging began.

Date: August 31/09
Camera: Meade DSI-2C
Exposures: 115
Exposure Length: 12 seconds, guided
Gain: 63
Offste: 0
Filters: built-in IR filter

Notes: Post-processing in Photoshop. A very satisfying result.

M13 June 12 2007

First M13 image after modifying camera for direct bias injection

Date: June 12/07
Exposures: 45 of 70
Exposure length: 8 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Data aquisition: RAW mode
Brightness: 51%
Gain: 81%
Gamma: 52%
Color: R34B16

Notes: Histogram stretching limited, providing better dynamic range.

M13 July 2005

Early guided image, fighting with the moon at 84% waning

Date: July 21/05
Exposures: 40 of 80 hand picked (poor seeing & not in focus)
Exposure length: 6 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Brightness: 100%
Gain: 51%
Gamma: 52%
Notes: A 6-second exposure, and more stars resolved. A longer exposure wasn't practical since the moon was shining brightly.

M13 revised

2nd attempt

Taken about 2 weeks after the image below.

Date: Sept 13/04
Exposures: 41 of 60 hand picked
Exposure length: 4 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Brightness: 60%
Gain: 75%
Notes: Many more stars resolved, partly from post-processing histogram stretching. A satisfactory shot.

M13 first try

Hercules Cluster - First night with the ToUcam

This was taken on my first night out with the modified ToUcam. Lots of room for improvement.

Date: Aug 26/04
Exposures: not recorded
Exposure length: not recorded
Amp on setting: ON
Brightness: not recorded
Gain: not recorded
Notes: Not many stars resolved... exposure was too short.

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