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M20 - The Trifid Nebula

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M20 / NGC 6514 - The Trifid Nebula - July 2009

Date: July 9/09
Camera: DSI-IIC
Exposures: 40
Exposure Length: 30 seconds (guided in RA with ETX-90)
Gain: 63
Offset: 0
Filter: Orion Skyglow Filter (street lights, porch lights, 94% full moon)
Processing: Aligned, stacked in K3CCDtools using flat frame. Post Processing in Photoshop. Resized 70% of original.

Notes: Speaks for itself. This shot captured both the emission and the reflection nebula in 20 minutes of data, despite the light reducing impact of the Skyglow filter.

The DSI-IIC is a formidable camera, with a very respectable resolution. It may be time to retire my old modified ToUcam Pro.

M20 - The Trifid Nebula - SSAA starparty 2008

Date: Aug 2/08
Exposures: 75
Exposure Length: 10 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Camera Mode: RAW
Brightness: 100
Gamma: 60
Gain: 75
Color: R34B16
Filter: IR filter

Notes: A much nicer result than last time, although M20 was setting and I lost the last few frames due to trees. This was taken during the 2008 SSAA star party near Peterborough.

Trifid Nebula half size
Click image to view full size

M20 - The Trifid Nebula - NGC 6514

Magnitude: 6.3
Size: 28.0' x 28.0' Location: Sagittarius
Date: May 7/06
Exposures: 100
Exposure length: 10 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Brightness: 67
Gain: 37
Gamma: 52
K3 Brightness Level Meter: not noted. Filters: IR Filter Magnification: Image above was reduced to half size to improve contrast.

Notes: I couldn't see this target visually, it was in the skyglow of the southern sky. Nevertheless, it showed dimly in single frames of 10s duration.

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