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M42 / NGC 1976 - The Great Orion Nebula

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M42 in April 2009

Taken while about 15-20 degrees above the horizon.

Location: Canes Venatici
Magnitude: 5.0 Date: April 17/09
Camera: Meade DSI-IIC
Exposures: 100
Exposure length: 4 seconds, unguided
Gain: 63
Offset: 0

Notes: Low in the sky, limited detail. Much more detail was visible in previous shots with the modified ToUcam (granted, there were more than 2x as many exposures). A noticable change in the field of view with this camera.

M42 - low level

M42 Orion Nebula (NGC 1976)

A rare "southern sky" shot (amidst the street lights - arrrgh!)

Magnitude: 5.0
Location: Orion
Date: Oct 1/04
Exposures: 230
Exposure length: 1 second
Amp on setting: OFF
Brightness: 80
Gain: 50

Notes: I set up in front of the house for this one and was flying blind amidst the streetlights. Dark adaptation is a wonderful thing. Without it I had a VERY hard time finding my way around the sky. This first image is with a low amount of histogram stretching.

M42 - med level

M42 medium adjustment level

The same AVI data, but with the histogram adjusted differently to bring out the nebula detail.

Details: as above

Notes: Significantly more detail of the nebula! Let's try one more...

M42 - low level

M42 maximum adjustments

Same AVI again, processed to bring out maximum detail.

Details: as above

Notes: Wow! I think I need a focal reducer! It's now obvious that this nebula is larger than the field of view.

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