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M81 - "Bode's Galaxy"

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M81 "Bode's Galaxy", NGC 3031

A bright and popular galaxy for observers, M81 is 12 million light years away in Ursa Major.

Magnitude: 7.9
Location: Ursa Major
Size: 27'x14'
Date: Aug 26, 2008
Camera: ToUcam SC1.5 with direct bias injection Exposures: 30
Exposure length: 60 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF; RAW mode
Brightness: 51%
Gamma: 52%
Gain: 40%
Color: R34B14 (raw mode)
Filter: IR filter
Processing notes: captured, aligned & stacked in K3CCDtools, histogram stretching in IMERGE, noise reduction and contrast adjustment in Photoshop. Notes: 60 second exposures really helped to draw out the detail in this image.

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