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M97 - The Owl Nebula - NGC 3587

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M97 Revisited - first image of 2009 season

The Owl Nebula

Date: April 16/09
Camera: Meade DSI-IIC
Exposures: 15
Exposure length: 120 seconds, guided
Gain: 63
Offset: 0

Notes: Guided in RA using Meade DSI-pro camera on ETX-90 piggyback setup.

M97 June 12 2007

First shot at M97, the Owl Nebula (Ursa Major)

Date: June 12/07
Exposures: 60 of 85
Exposure length: 20 seconds, unguided
Amp on setting: OFF
Data aquisition: RAW mode
Brightness: 51%
Gain: 81%
Gamma: 52%
Color: R34B16

Notes: This one is easier to see visually with an OIII filter - next time I'll try taking the picture with the filter in place. A very dim target to image.

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