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NGC 7331

NGC 7331 with surrounding galaxies

Date: Oct 18/08 (4 years since last image of this target)
Location: Pegasus
Exposures: 50
Exposure length: 60 seconds, unguided
Camera: Meade DSI-C, fan-cooled
Settings: Gain 45, Offset 0

Notes: One hour to image prior to moonrise, so I nabbed this image. 40% of frames grabbed were throwaway due to periodic error over a one-minute exposure.

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NGC 7331

NGC 7331, NGC 7335, NGC 7336 again

Notes: Same data as below, after processing with NeatImage and color correction with Photoshop.

NGC 7331

NGC 7331, NGC 7335, NGC 7336

3-for-1 Galaxy special! The large galaxy is NGC 7331. At the 3:30 position is NGC 7335, and further out at the 4:00 position (the small round fuzzy) is NGC 7336. I just caught the edge of NGC 7337 in the upper right half of the image.

Magnitude: 9.5, 14.5, 16.9 respectively
Location: Pegasus
Date: Oct 7/04
Exposures: 59
Exposure length: 10 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Brightness: 100
Gain: 50

Notes: This is the central core of NGC 7331 - dust lanes show up better in a wider field shot, and several other galaxies of the group will be visible.

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