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The Bubble Nebula - NGC 7635

bubble nebula

The Bubble Nebula - NGC 7635

Magnitude: 11.0 (surface brightness 15.94)
Size: 15.0' x 8.0' Location: Cassiopeia
Date: Aug 31/06
Exp Details: RAW,A0;B51;GN65;GM52;R34B18;T30S
Exposures: 51 of 90
K3 Brightness Level Meter: not noted.
Filters: Skyglow Filter
Magnification: Image above was reduced to 2/3 size to improve contrast.

Notes: Hard target to locate the first time. No visual indication of nebula, a very dim object. Image noise reduction in NeatImage, resized in Photoshop. Seemed to be battling herringbone noise in the image, possibly due to laptop power supply. I may have to do a comparative study of image noise using different power supplies.

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