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The Moon - Clavius area

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Moon - Clavius

First Moon Image!

Shot with a "cheapo" moon filter from Ebay (hey, it worked well)

Date: not recorded
Exposures: not recorded
Exposure length: not recorded
Amp on setting: n/a (short exposure)
Brightness: not recorded
Gain: not recorded

Notes: Clavius is the crater with the semicircle of 5 smaller craters within it. This image was shot with a "moon filter" to enhance contrast (and cut down on light!). Final image was flipped to correct orientation.

clavius closeup with 5x Televue

Clavius Crater via 5x Televue

Date: Sept 24/05
Magnitude: n/a
Diameter: 136 miles across (large crater)
Distance from Earth: n/a
Exposures: 32
Exposure length: not recorded, 10fps
Amp on setting: n/a
Brightness: not recorded
Gain: not recorded
Gamma: 52%
Sizing: 5x Televue
Filter: Baader IR blocking
Approximate magnification: 1000x

Notes: A nice first night image from my 5x Televue. Good seeing conditions. The smallest crater resolved is just under 2 miles in diameter (Clavius O is 2 miles). Image includes large Craters Rutherford and Porter on the rim (lower and upper right respectively), and Clavius D,C,N, and J counterclockwise in an arc from Rutherford.

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