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Comet SWAN C/2006 M4

Comet SWAN C/2006 M4

This comet has a definite greenish hue, with not much definition of tail when I imaged it. Click the lower image to see an animation of its movement against the background over about 17 minutes.

Magnitude: Varies - estimated at somewhere between 6 and 8 during this shot
Location: Varies - Hercules
Distance: 1.0185 AU from Earth
Date: Oct 30/06
Exposures: 100
Camera Settings: RAW,A0;B50;GN50;GM30;R34B18;T10S
K3 L-Meter: n/a
Filters: IR filter
Optical Multiplier: 1x

Notes: Although far away (just over 93 million miles), this comet is bright enough to be seen in a 50mm finder scope in my backyard. Its greenish hue wasn't visible to the naked eye when I took this image.

Click the lower left image to see an animation of the comet's movement.

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