Simcoe Skies Astronomy

Wide Field - Cygnus Area

Star-rich area of Cygnus, glowing with nebulosity

Taken with a 50mm lens only

Magnitude: N/A
Location: Cygnus
Distance: N/A
Date: June 30/06
Exposures: 13 of 15
Exposure length: 60 seconds
Amp on setting: OFF
Brightness: 50
Gain: 26
Gamma: 52
Color Balance: R30B14
L-Meter: N/A
Filters: none

Notes: First shot using the modified ToUcam with a camera lens, piggybacked on the OTA for tracking. I used a 50mm lens and an EasyPix to hang the camera off the eyepiece, aligned parallel with the OTA. A couple of throwaway frames due to passing cars on the street.

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