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First FULL Moon Mosaic

(scroll down to see 3-D renderings of this image)

Full Moon Mosaic - click to view full size
Click image to view full size

Full Moon Mosaic

This is my first FULL moon mosaic, taken on Sept 17/05. Because the moon is so large, this image took 18 pictures total to create, stitched together using IMERGE.

Used an IR blocking filter and a moon filter. Imaged in black & white. K3CCDtools brightness preview meter at 140-160, 600 frames grabbed at 10fps for each of 18 images to be stitched together to make the whole. Best 200 images selected (automatic) for each piece.

here for a 800x600 desktop screen of this image.
here for a 1024x768 desktop screen of this image.
here for a 1280x1024 desktop screen of this image.

3D full moon

3-D rendering of the above moon image (focus in front of the computer screen to see a 3rd middle image
the middle one will appear in 3-D)
(scroll down FURTHER to see ANAGLYPHIC 3d image)

3-D red/blue image

3-D Anaglyphic (red/blue glasses) picture - Click image to see full size version

Click here for a brief tutorial on how to make anaglyphs
(note: I cheated to make this one of the moon,
by mapping the image on a sphere in Photoshop, and
rotating it a little for the second image).

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