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Total Lunar Eclipse - Oct '04


Total Lunar Eclipse

Ok, I REALLY blew this one. I should have believed my clearsky clock. It said it would be clear JUST in time for the eclipse, and it was. However, I was discouraged by the fully obscured sky leading up to it and I didn't set up my main scope. As a result, I rushed out with my smaller, non-tracking scope (3" reflector) and at least grabbed SOMETHING. Duh to me!

Magnitude: N/A (varied)
Location: n/a
Date: Oct 27/04
Exposures: 22 of 52 NON-tracking
Exposure length: not recorded
Amp on setting: ON (normal mode)
Brightness: not recorded
Gain: not recorded

Notes: Well, this one kind of speaks for itself. A tracking shot through a focal reducer would have been much better. I learned a valuable lesson that night - don't give up on major astronomical events due to iffy cloud cover.

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