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Mars - The Planet Next Door

As Mars approaches opposition at the end of October 2005, I'll be visiting regularly to record the changes in size and magnitude.

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Sept 2/05 - 511 frames
Sept 12/05 - 325 frames
Sept 17/05 - 299 frames
Sept 24/05 - 402 frames
Sept 2/05
M: -1.0
87% illum
14.3" / 0.657AU
Sept 12/05
M: -1.2
89% illum
15.4" / 0.607AU
Sept 17/05
M: -1.4
90% illum
16.2" / 0.579AU
Sept 24/05
M: -1.5
91.5% illum
16.9" / 0.552AU

Images below are resized 2x in K3CCDtools
Sept 2/05 resized x2
Sept 12/05 resized x2
Sept 17/05 resized x2
Sept 24/05 resized x2

Mars 5x Televue Sept 24/05

Mars with 5x Televue & Baader IR blocking filter. Taken on a rare night of good seeing (4/5)

Date: Sept 24/05
Magnitude: -1.5; 91.5% illuminated
Diameter: 16.9"
Distance from Earth: 0.552AU
Exposures: 806 of 4012
Exposure length: 1/500 sec, 10fps, f/20
Amp on setting: n/a
Brightness: 100
Gain: 37%; K3CCDtools level indicator: 122
Gamma: 52%
Sizing: 5x Televue, lower image resized 2x in K3CCDtools
Filter: Baader IR blocking
Approximate magnification: 1000x, 2000x

Notes: A nice introduction to my new 5x Televue. Good seeing with Mars closer to zenith for this shot. The southern polar ice cap is quite visible.
5x Televue Sept 24/05 resized 2x in K3CCDtools

3d Mars Image

Mars 3D Image (focus your eyes in FRONT of screen until the two images appear as three. The middle image will appear 3D).

3D image of Mars double size

Another larger 3D image

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