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Neptune - Planet # 8 of 10

Neptune with 2x Barlow

Neptune, unreachable without a modified webcam.

Date: Sept 23/05
Magnitude: 7.9, 100% illuminated
Diameter: 2.3"
Distance from Earth: 29.4AU (2.734 billion miles)
Exposures: 40 of 650
Exposure length: 0.5sec, f8.0, 10fps
Amp on setting: off
Brightness: 100
Gain: 25; K3CCDtools level indicator: 140
Sizing: 2x Barlow, lower image resized x2 in K3CCDtools
Approximate magnification: 400x / 800x

Notes: First shot at Neptune. Image was slightly overexposed and some chromatic aberration is visible, particularly in the resized version.
Neptune with 2x Barlow, resized x2 again with K3CCDtools

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