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NGC 7009 - Saturn Nebula

Saturn Nebula

The Saturn Nebula

Date: Sept 23/05
Location: Aquarius
Magnitude: 8.3
Size: 0.5' x 0.4'
Exposures: 150 of 200
Exposure length: 1.0 sec, 5fps, f4.0
Amp on setting: off
Brightness: 75
Gain: 30%; K3CCDtools level indicator: 155
Gamma: 52%
Sizing: 1x, lower image resized 2x in K3CCDtools
Filter: Orion Skyglow
Approximate magnification: 200x, 400x

Notes: A very bright, small planetary nebula. Has NOTHING to do with Saturn, except it looks a little like a ringed planet.
Saturn Nebula resized x2 with K3CCDtools

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