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Philosophical Implications (my view on THE view)

Our world is like a tiny island in a vast ocean, hurtling through expansive space.

I look at the night sky, and the following questions arise from within me:

What are we?

Why are we here?

These are the same questions that philosophies and religions attempt to answer, and we each seek to find our own answers. Is there a universal "right" answer? Most importantly, how do we identify the truth? A few "red flags" that suggest to me that truth is NOT present:
  • It's not constant (i.e. - changes the rules part-way through the game)
  • It is intolerant of cross-examination
  • It relies on itself as the only necessary proof (cyclically redundant logic)
  • Someone (or group) claims exclusive ownership (truth cannot be owned)
  • It relies solely on threats or fear to propogate or validate it
Regardless of the path we take to investigate our own spiritual questions, we share the common desire to understand. I would suggest that embracing THIS common ground - what we are all trying to achieve - is more important than the human-defined doctrines or methodologies that we've subsequently created and embraced - but that often serve to divide us.

After all, we're all fellow travellers on this little island, hurtling through space. . . .

Similar to looking through a telescope, we're ALL trying to understand or gain insight into the bigger questions. The only issues that can truly separate us are our own pride and egos, and the "type of telescope" we use to try to see the heavens. Maybe it's time to grow beyond these limitations.

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