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Pluto - the "questionable" planet

Pluto, 10 second exposure.

DSS survey shot vs. my image (Pluto is absent from the DSS shot)

Pluto - As of August 8, 2006, Pluto is no longer classified as a planet under the newly accepted definition.

Date: June 18/05
Magnitude: 13.9, 100% illuminated
Diameter: 0.1"
Distance from Earth: 30.13AU
Exposures: 46 of 80
Exposure length: 10sec, f4.0, 10fps
Amp on setting: off
Brightness: 51%
Gain: 60; K3CCDtools level indicator: n/a
Gamma: 19
Sizing: no barlow magnification
Approximate magnification: 200x

Notes: First shot at Pluto. The only way I knew I had captured it, was comparing to the Digital Sky Survey image (it's absent from that shot).

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