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Uranus - Going the distance

Uranus - Oct/06

Uranus - Oct 2006

Same story, different night

Magnitude: 5.7
Size: 3.6" Location: Aquarius
Date: Oct 7/06
Exp Details: RAW,A0;B51;GN70;GM23;R34B18;T:0.5S
Exposures: 80 of 600
K3 Brightness Level Meter: 130-150.
Filters: Skyglow Filter
Magnification: 5x TeleVue

Notes: Stability was poor, partly due to atmospheric conditions, partly due to the mount's periodic error. This resulted an a large number of throw-away frames. Note that the image still does not appear perfectly round, although I don't know why this is.


Uranus, Sept 17/05
Further out in the solar system, Uranus is resolved as a bluish-green disk.

Date: Sept 17/05
Magnitude: 5.7, 100% illuminated
Diameter: 3.6"
Distance from Earth: 19.11AU
Location: varies - Aquarius at time of image
Exposures: 98
Exposure length: not recorded (short), f4.0
Amp on setting: n/a
Brightness: not recorded
Gain: not recorded - K3CCDtools level indicator: approx. 120
Sizing: Resized x2 in K3CCDtools
Approximate magnification: 400x

Notes: First try at Uranus. Seeing 3/5. Color is visible through the eyepiece, as is the spherical shape. Although illumination of the sphere is supposed to be 100%, it appears that I have only partial illumination. I would guess that this could be a result of collimation problems.

Uranus with 2x Barlow - Sept 23/05

Uranus, with 2x Barlow

Date: Sept 17/05
Magnitude: 5.7, 100% illuminated
Diameter: 3.66"
Distance from Earth: 19.2AU (1.786 billion miles)
Exposures: 301 of 1003
Exposure length: 1/25 sec, 10fps, f8.0
Amp on setting: n/a
Brightness: 100%
Gain: 17% - K3CCDtools level indicator: 122
Filters: Baader IR cut filter Sizing: 2x Barlow, lower image resized x2 in K3CCDtools
Approximate magnification: 400x / 800x

Notes: A night of better seeing, yielding a better looking result even though the distance is slightly greater. Still, the planet does not appear to be 100% illuminated - my bet is that I'm due for a collimation overhaul.
Uranus with 2x Barlow, resized 2x with K3CCDtools

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